{ about me: laura }

12688198_10208439799853417_488035699145772432_nLaura grew up in a pastor’s home in Northern Wisconsin. She is the youngest of three girls and has been blessed with two sisters and brothers-in-law all deeply involved in various ministries. At the age of 13, she came to realize her own personal need for a Savior rather than depending on the faith of her parents or even her own religious practices. She has been actively involved in music and children/youth ministries since that time, even traveling as a representative of her Bible college speaking and singing in churches across the Western U.S. and Hawaii for two years.

The Lord has given her a passion for the written word, and Laura has spent the past 13 years developing and polishing both her verbal and written communication in order to be more effective in her outreach. In 1999 the Lord laid it on her heart to begin publishing a paper dedicated to Christian girls and ladies around the world for the purposes of encouragement and fellowship. The paper grew and in just 7 years God had blessed ‘Daughters of Faith’ with more than 300 subscribers and six recurring contributing writers. However, in 2007, ‘Daughters of Faith’ was forced to cease publication when Laura moved to California to attend college and was unable to find a suitable co-editor to share in the responsibilities of publication.

Laura started the blog – ‘Going Public’ – while in college for the purpose of encouraging fellow believers to live their lives out loud for Christ. However, life was still hectic and she was unable to really pour all of her energy and focus into her writing. It wasn’t until late 2013 that the Lord lead to combine the two projects (the former, Daughters of Faith, and her blog) into one and the current ‘Going Public’ team was born.

Her desire is that in ‘Going Public’ believers will find the encouragement needed to walk boldly with the Lord, unashamed of the Gospel, proclaiming Christ through every word and deed.

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