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I’ve been really pondering the story of Peter walking on the water and have been amazed at how many applications the Lord has given me. Today, I want to chat a second about all that Peter forgot. In order for him to lose sight of Christ, he had to forget some things. He forgot his zeal, his passion, his desire to just BE with Jesus, his purpose, and his vision. He lost sight of those things and allowed his heart and mind to focus on other “more pressing” things. How many times have I forgotten? And in my forgetting, how often have I sunk?

I was reminded of David. He sunk. Man, did he sink. And when he came back around and cried out for mercy he prayed a prayer God saw fit to record for us in Psalm 51. But you know what? I read the chapter – several times in fact – and not once do I see David asking God to give him victory over his sin.

Let that sink in (no pun intended).

I see David confessing. I see him asking forgiveness. I see him pleading with God not to turn His back on him. But I don’t see him “naming and claiming” victory. Why not?

Well in verse 12 we have a very well-known portion of David’s prayer, “Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation;…” I think this is telling of David’s heart. He recognized that he’d come a long way since he was saved and he acknowledged that he needed to get back to that point if he was going to be able to move forward.

As “mature” Christians, have we lost that fire and passion we had right after we accepted Christ? Have we settled into our routine to where we’re now comfortable and – dare I say – bored in our Christianity? As we go about our daily lives, it’s easy to forget. We forget the excitement of feeling God’s original call on our lives or the zeal to obey basic tasks such as reading our Bible or witnessing to our neighbor. We become complacent. Lazy. Cynical. Critical. And we sink. We fall prey to the lies of the devil and the pleasures of this life and we don’t even realize we’re sinking. That’s the sad part. We’re too bedazzled and distracted to even realize Jesus is nowhere in the picture, yet we’re serving… we’re ministering… we’re singing in the choir and serving in the nursery and even proclaiming Christ from the pulpit while our feet are sinking deep in the muck at the bottom of the sea.

David remembered. He remembered what it was like to be SO focussed on Christ that the temptations in his life had no power over him and he knew he had to get back to that point. I know in my life, the days directly following a powerful moment with God are easy. It’s easy to stay focused and to deny myself things that aren’t pleasing to God and that only serve to distract me. But. The more those moments fade in the rearview mirror the harder it becomes to remember – to stay focused on His calling and His purpose in my life. My gaze shifts back to ministry routines and to-do lists and I lose sight of my purpose. It’s easier to sink that it is to walk on water. But walking isn’t impossible if we remember what really matters.

Be encouraged tonight. If you realize that like Peter and like David you’ve lost sight of Christ and you’re sinking, just call out to Him right now. He’s waiting to simply reach out and take your hand to lift you out of your complacency and sin and distractions and restore you to a place of joy, passion, and purpose.

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